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Pool Pump Repairs and Replacements

We supply pumps for all applications, from backyard swimming pools to large scale commercial applications and water features. We recommend Australian made when possible and only use the highest quality equipment available.

The Latest in Energy-Efficient Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Pool pumps have been one of the biggest energy consumers in households, but with the rising cost of electricity, manufacturers have recognized the need for change. The result is the development of energy-efficient variable speed pool pumps, which use 1/8th of the electricity while turning over the same amount of water. By pumping water at a slower pace, there is less energy lost to friction.

The latest innovation in pump technology is variable speed DC pool pumps. These pumps can reduce your pools consumption of electricity by up to 70%, resulting in savings of over $600 on a backyard domestic installation. Commercial applications can see power savings in the thousands.

At Sydney's Best, we offer a range of standard and variable speed pumps. Contact us at 1300 601 691 or visit our retail stores to find out more about the latest technology in energy-efficient pool pumps. Make the switch today and start saving money on your electricity bills!

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