OUR NAME IS CHANGING, but we are still your local pool shop.

Starting January 8th 2024, our diverse retail locations will come together under a single identity: Direct Pool Supplies.
Visit the Direct Pool Supplies website to learn how this will benefit you.
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Sydney's Best Pool Service

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Residential Pool Maintenance

We provide the highest level of customer service, technical know-how and expertise to pool owners in a selection of Sydney Northern suburbs. Call us today to discuss your needs.

Commercial Pool Maintenance

We service the swimming pools of Sydney’s finest hotels and apartments, join us today and enjoy peace of mind, knowing Sydney’s Best Pool Service has your asset maintained to the highest standard.

Equipment Repair and Replacement

Sydneys Best Pool Service takes pride in supplying and installing only the highest quality pool equipment and provide complete after sales and warranty service.

Water Feature Maintenance

We provide maintenance to water features and fountains in a selection of Sydney Northern suburbs. From private set ups to government and public works we can provide maintenance and advice on the water feature itself as well as servicing the filtration, sanitisers and UV Disinfection systems.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic Pool Cleaners are the future of pool maintenance. Easy to use, reliable and more capable than any other style of pool cleaner. With models to suit every budget and pool, book in an onsite demonstration today.

Pool Pumps

Pumps for swimming pools are developed to guarantee reliability, efficiency and ease of maintenance. They are designed to offer considerable savings and comfort for the end user.

Sydney’s Best Pool Service – fast response, exceptional service to pool and spa owners

Good morning! Your local Sydney's Best shop services all your swimming pool and spa needs. For unbiased advice, onsite quotations or to order products please call us on 1300 601 691 , or feel free to visit us in store.

Local Pool Shop Services

Sydney’s best customer service and top quality maintenance and repairs to both residential and commercial pools in a selection of Sydney Northern suburbs. Established in 1981, we are your connection to the best pool equipment and advice Sydney has to offer.

  • Quality Products
  • On Time
  • Commercial Specialists
  • Equipment Repair and Replacement
  • Onsite quotations and advice
  • Robotic Pool Cleaners
  • Friendly professional staff with years of experience
  • Operating in a selection of Sydney Northern suburbs
  • Strata Maintenance Specialists
Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to offer friendly advice and help you with any pool problems you may be experiencing.
Come visit our store and discover the difference Sydney's Best can make for your pool.
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Safely Light My Pool?

Pool lights provide a range of benefits for any swimming pool, including the ability to control the colour of your pool using LED lights and allowing for night swimming. However, some customers are unsure as to whether or not pool lights are safe - luckily, Sydney's Best Pool Service can help.

When they're correctly installed, pool lights present an astoundingly low risk. When using modern, low voltage lights, the risk is virtually non-existent. However, it is critical that your lights are installed according to manufacturer standards during your pool's construction, to ensure the grounds and fail-safes are configured correctly. If the installation is not appropriately completed, the lighting system may continue to function, but it can allow electricity from unrelated electrical failures to enter the pool, causing harm to any occupants. In the event that the lighting system is not correctly installed, your lights may continue to function, though they will present a risk to your safety by allowing other, unrelated electrical failures to reach your pool. In fact, using pool lighting can help you monitor your children when they go swimming at night, ensuring your family is kept safe. By correctly installing your pool lights, you'll be able to benefit from a range of improvements to your pool's safety and practicality.

Utilising pool lights allows you to safely use your pool at night, and keep your pool vibrant even after the sun has set. If you'd like the professionals at Sydney's Best Pool Service to review your installation and ensure it is safe for you and your family, contact us on 1300 601 691.

Why Is My Pool Cloudy?

Generally, your pool water should be clear, allowing you to identify even small objects on your pool floor. When your pool is cloudy, it is because there is a build-up of particulates suspended in the water. Clean, clear water should be circulated by pool pump through your pool filter, which is responsible for capturing these particulates and preventing cloudy pool water. If your filter is not functioning properly, whether it's dirty and full, or the media is old and unable to adequately filter, it can allow these particulates to remain within your pool water. The root cause of the particulates in the water can be dirt/dust entering the pool water from the surrounding environment, or from microscopic algae that has started to grow due to improperly sanitised pool water. Similarly, poorly balanced pool water can inhibit the performance of the sanitiser, as well as altering the state of chemicals in the water from solution to solid, thereby affecting water clarity. Get in touch with our excellent team at Sydney's Best for all pool cleaning in Sydney on 1300 601 691.

Sydney's Best

Pool Maintenance Made Easy with Our Expertise and Extensive Selection of Products

When it comes to pool supplies and services in Sydney, our team at Sydney's Best is the go-to choice, and we continuously strive to be the best.

Expert and Friendly Pool Service

At Sydney's Best, our pool servicing team is known for delivering a professional and friendly experience to every customer. When we visit your property, we treat your pool as if it were our own, providing comprehensive solutions that are both cost-effective and efficient.

Years Of Expertise

At Sydney's Best, our team comprises of top-notch talent with decades of collective experience in pool maintenance. With this wealth of experience, we can confidently handle any issue, no matter how complex or unpredictable.

Servicing Sydney's inner North suburbs

We have a fleet of service vehicles and highly trained pool service technicians serving Sydney's inner North suburbs. Whether it is an upgrade, green pool or regular service that you need, we can be there promptly.

Superior Supplies And Equipment

We've managed to identify the best suppliers and equipment in the Australian pool industry over our many years of work. We make sure to pick and choose the best products for the job, and make sure that you can achieve superior value for money with each of your purchases.

Sydney’s Best Pool Service

Sydney’s Best Pool Service is committed to delivering unparalleled customer service. With over extensive experience, our pool technicians have seen it all and can provide you with the very best advice and support. We tailor our Scheduled Maintenance Programs to suit your needs – from intensive weekly maintenance designed to take complete control of your pool, to fortnightly and monthly servicing programs which assist you in maintaining your pool so you can spend more time enjoying and less time labouring over it.

Sydney’s Best Pool Service provides and installs only the very best pool equipment and chemical treatments ensuring your swimming pool is truly healthy and ready to enjoy. Our highly experienced technicians provide installation of all pool equipment, we stand by the products we supply and provide complete after sales and warranty service.

Feel free to call our team on 1300 601 691 or visit us in-store whenever you need help with your pools, whether it's servicing, pool equipment and supplies, or just pool chemicals - our team is always happy to help.

Pool Advice

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We are now Direct Pool Supplies

Still your local pool shop. Now with BETTER ADVICE, RANGE, and PRICE! To enhance our customer service, we're excited to share a major milestone. Starting January 8th, 2024, our diverse retail locations will come together under a single identity: Direct Pool Supplies. Why is this change happening? Our mission has always been to provide you with the highest quality pool and spa supplies, backed by expert advice and unbeatable customer service. By bringing all our stores under the Direct Pool Supplies brand, we are strengthening our commitment to delivering exceptional value and an expanded range of products to meet all your pool and spa needs. What does this mean for you, our valued customer? - Greater Value - Expanded Range - More Technical Advice - Trust Australia-Wide We're Still Your Local Pool Shop, But Bigger and Better! While our name is changing, our commitment to you remains steadfast. We are still the same local team you've come to know and trust, but now we're backed by a bigger network, more resources, and a shared passion for pools and spas. Thank you for your continued support. We are excited about this new chapter and look forward to serving you as Direct Pool Supplies. Keep an eye on your inbox for more news and offers.

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preparing for a cyclone

Pool care for extreme weather and cyclones

If bad weather is looming, a storm on the radar or even a cyclone, what can you do to prepare the pool and surrounds for a weather event? Remove any loose items: With bad weather coming it's time to remove any toys, inflatable beds, floaties, or other items from the pool and surrounds to prevent them from blowing away or becoming projectiles in strong winds. Continues on the website...

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